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A Private LinkedIn for industry, education, and everyone in between to find partners

Why Join PublicMind?

Get access to a suite of tools designed for visibility, connection, and data-driven decision-making. Whether you're looking to fill a job vacancy, promote an educational program, or understand the latest workforce needs, PublicMind is your one-stop destination.


Join the community to be a part of a more connected and informed workforce community.


Claim Your Organization

In just a couple clicks, claim your profile that highlights exactly what you and your organization are looking for.

Find Partners, Fast

Looking for partners yourself? Search PublicMind to quickly find members that match your needs.

Drive Inbound Outreach 

PublicMind members use us as a 'Google for workforce development', meaning key decision makers search us to find you.

Get Help Connecting

Get connected with the right person at the right organization to accomplish your goals. 

for Workforce Development

Your Organization, Discoverable

on PublicMind

Maximize Visibility, Craft Your Narrative

Your visibility means potential partners, clients, and talent are not just stumbling upon your profile; they're actively seeking what you offer.

Claim Your Profile, Showcase Your Excellence

It's an opportunity to meticulously curate how your organization is perceived, ensuring that when someone finds you, they see exactly what you want them to see. From your mission and values to your latest initiatives and contact information, every detail counts.

Join PublicMind Now — Where Opportunities Find You

Ready to elevate your organization's profile in the workforce development community? Claim your PublicMind profile today. Join us and find your next great partnership.

Steps To Join PublicMind


Join our waitlist to claim your organization


Our team will let you in on a rolling basis, refer others to jump the line.


Once in, claim your profile and update it accordingly.

White-glove onboarding on request.


Schedule a 1 on 1 with the PublicMind team to learn best practices.


Engage with the platform to boost your visibility to other members.

Bringing in More Partners For You

Empowering Connections, Rewarding Engagement

We understand the importance of incentives in fostering growth and collaboration. Our mission is to elevate your visibility and facilitate meaningful partnerships across the workforce development ecosystem. To achieve this, expanding the PublicMind community is key.

A Mutual Growth Opportunity

By inviting potential partners to join PublicMind, you're not only expanding your network but also enhancing your access to our comprehensive platform.

Unlock Exceptional Benefits

Here's our commitment to you: For every new organization you refer to PublicMind, you'll gain additional free access to our platform. This can accumulate up to an unprecedented five years of complimentary access. It's our way of saying thank you for contributing to the success and expansion of the PublicMind community.

Join, Refer, Thrive

Your participation in our referral program not only amplifies your visibility but also paves the way for unparalleled access to PublicMind’s resources.

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Claim your Organization

Join our waitlist now to start building your free access and to update your organization's page. We're letting in folks on a rolling basis, reach out if interested in jumping the line.

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