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PublicMind's privacy-first approach provides the optimal workforce collaboration platform.

Trust - Security - Privacy

Secure and Efficient Workforce Development

Leveraging the latest generation of tools, technology, and data, achieve unparalleled success in local collaboration.

Cutting-Edge Privacy Protection

Latest privacy tools secure data, with ongoing monitoring and updates for optimal protection, ensuring confidentiality and safety from unauthorized access.

Public Insights at Lightning Speeds

Pulling from all across the internet, we ensure you have lightning-fast access to current insights.

Public/Private Insights 

Unify your data with public insights for unparalleled understanding. Leverage this comprehensive approach to uncover hidden patterns and trends. 

Secure, Compliant Collaboration

Allows educational, industrial, and related groups to securely exchange sensitive information, complying with industry regulations and preserving data privacy, promoting collaboration among institutions.

Benefits for Every Stakeholder


The PublicMind data platform is a powerful tool that helps educators make informed decisions based on data. It provides access to up-to-date and accurate information on in-demand skills, curriculum relevance, and student outcomes after graduation.



PublicMind delivers invaluable real-time data on the current supply of upcoming graduates, along with the precise degrees and skills they possess. Employers can delve into a granular view of the learning objectives encompassed by each program, enabling them to strategically recruit from the most suitable campuses that align with the specific demands of their market.


Affiliated Groups

The merger of public and private data through PublicMind presents a multitude of advantages for numerous affiliated groups. Adhering to a privacy-first approach, PublicMind empowers decision-makers with invaluable insights, enabling them to drive forward projects that will yield the greatest benefits for their constituents.

Our Data, Improving Daily





Educational Programs and Institutions


Job Positions





US States

Uncompromising Security from Day One

Designed to protect the most sensitive personal data, PublicMind ensures data encryption both at rest and in transit. Our multi-region infrastructure guarantees availability for billions of requests, and you can choose where to host your data to meet local requirements.

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