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Whether you're an educator, employer, or workforce connector, PublicMind brings everyone together, making it effortless to discover new collaborations, events, and real-time information. It's a one-stop hub where all stakeholders can easily partner on workforce development.


Real-time Data

Coming Soon.

Effortlessly search for job opportunities and educational pathways in real-time, equipping you with the data you need for smarter decision-making. Whether you're an educator aligning curricula with market needs or an employer scouting for skills, PublicMind simplifies your search, helping you navigate the complexities of workforce data with ease.


Events | Tasks | Surveys

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With everything centralized in one platform, you can shift your focus where it truly matters—building meaningful relationships and interactions with your people. Automate so you can focus on your people, and let PublicMind handle the rest.


Educators | Employers | Workforce Connectors

Manage and Drive Stakeholder Engagement across your workforce ecosystem

Connect with the right person, find new workforce partners, and join new communities

One place to find, invite, and schedule workforce events. Attend, sponsor, and collaborate

Search Useful Job/Skill Information for curriculum development

Discover talent pipelines in your region and the institutions that create them

Collaborate on all your workforce development needs with trusted partners 

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