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Our Mission

To organize the economy's information and make it universally accessible and useful.

PublicMind is here to evolve the way the U.S. handles the economy starting with workforce alignment.

Our Story

Founded in 2019 by Jack Clary and Axel Fries, FinSiteful began as a financial analytics platform that helped solve financial problems for students and their institutions. It included an At-Risk Financial Alert and Action System, which served as the basis for PublicMind.


PublicMind is data-first infrastructure that unifies disparate workforce data, providing secure, compliant, and accessible insights to foster collaboration and revolutionize workforce alignment across educational institutions, businesses, and government entities.

PublicMind is at the forefront of workforce illumination, similar to how the digitization of the stock market revealed the true value of companies. Our mission is to navigate the complexity of workforce alignment with precision and clarity. We aim to not just display the current workforce landscape but to also predict and shape future trends.

Our platform provides everyone - from educators to employers - with real-time, actionable insights, promoting informed decision-making and effective alignment between education and job market needs. Ultimately, we're building a stronger, more adaptable economy.

In essence, PublicMind represents the 'Great Unveiling' of workforce development - it brings the unseen into sharp focus, transforming the complex into the simple.


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